How Much Is One CNC Machine Worth To CNC Shops?

by Kent Williams

If you want to buy a CNC machine or make one specific to your preference, you might want to visit a CNC shop. However, determining the exact price for one CNC machine might be confusing to you. To understand the pricing for CNC machines, CNC shops use several factors.

In this article, we are going to look at those factors and try to pinpoint how they affect the prices. This will help you to make the right choice moving ahead.

So if you are ready like I am, let’s begin!

How CNC Shops Determine Prices of CNC Machines

Here are some of the main determinants

Size of the Machines

The size of the CNC machines will obviously play a big role in the price. Just like you might have imagined, the bigger the machine and its functions, the higher the price.

Sometimes, this might not be the case. It can also depend on the particular feature of the machine. It’s always a great idea to make inquiries before committing to a product.


The price of a CNC machine is also determined by the location of the shop. For example, shipping costs can also play a role in the particular amount you will pay. Generally, machines that are made in China will be relatively cheaper than machines made in the United States.

The same principles will apply when compared with most parts of Europe.

Configuration of the Machine

CNC shops will also consider the configuration of each machine. Generally, multi-axis machines cost more than 3-axis machines. To know exactly what you want, it might be best to do an assessment before heading to the CNC Shop.

The particular configuration of the machine will also help you to understand how fast your machine will work and its output.

Speed and Power of the Machine

CNC shops will generally rate CNC machines with more power ahead of those with less power. Other things that will probably influence their decisions will be the mode travels of the machines as well as the RPM.

When dealing with power, it’s more likely that the spindle torque and the servo motors will be at the forefront. These are things that can dramatically change the pricing of the CNC machines.

Other Features CNC Shops Consider

There are other features of the CNC machines which CNC shops consider when quoting a price. This includes the coolant pressure, chip conveyor and so much more.

These features have a small impact on the final price of the machine. However, they can make your work so much easier. It’s certainly worth considering them when you are making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Here’s one thing you should keep in mind. CNC shops are different. Hence, they might put more emphasis on various options. So it’s always a good idea to look at what various shops have to offer before making a decision.

Once you do that, the rest of the puzzle will surely fall into place. You should be able to get your CNC machines easily.

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