What Do I Need To Know About Laser Cutting Machines?

by Kent Williams

Cutting laser plates and pipes today is the easiest thing. The advancement in technology today has enabled this task as easily as possible through the advancement of different versions of laser cutting machines. laser cutting machine manufacturer such as the JNCT laser.com has developed various laser cutting machines as we will discuss below.

Laser cutter

Do you need to cut your metals in a great and attractive manner, need to cut your metals, you need to get laser cutting machines from JNCTlaser.com? This company’s laser cutting machines will serve you the best way possible. However, you have choices to make concerning the product and have a variety to choose from according to your needs. There are a variety of laser cutter machines. They include

CNC metal plate and tube fibre cutting machine

This is very well customized, you will be able to use it at variant points and activities such as cutting round tubes, metals and so on

4KW fibre laser cutting machine

This is another series that will serve you well according to your expectations. This product has a cutting thickness of 1-30MM. It has a n area of 1300*2500mmfiber, 1500*6000mm fiber, 200*6000mm. You will also have a chance to ask about your customized size according to your need.

1530fiber laser cutting machine

This another great cutting machine that will solve you’re cutting services.

3000W metal fibre laser pipe cutting machine

This is best used in the cutting of round pipes, square pipes, and U-shaped pipes I-steel among other metal pipes.

Laser welder

Do you need a welding machine that will work the best for you? Are you having a welding workshop and you need to give your clients the best welding services? Get the best-qualified welding lasers from your most reliable; laser welding manufacturers. JNCT Company will give you the best quality laser welding machine. These welding machines are available in the following series.

Handheld fibre laser welding machine 1000W

This is a great version of a laser welding machine that will serve your welding needs. This product is made of high-quality electronic accessories hence ensures longevity.

2mm steel handheld fibre laser welding machine.

Other welding machines include The Handheld fibre laser welding machine 1OOOW 1500W.

The welding parts are stainless steel hence making them resistant to rust and hence they can last for a long time.

Laser cleaning machines

Your cleaning services are also catered for in the laser industry. You no longer need to worry about the rust of your metals you already have the cleaning solution with the JNCT laser cleaning products. With these cleaning machines, there is no grinding, no contact and no thermal effects. Some of these series in the cleaning machines include,

200Wrust removal fire laser cleaning machine

100Wsteel fibre laser cleaning

500Wfiber laser cleaning machine for metal

1ooW laser cleaning machine.

The above are some of the laser cleaning machines among others, choose according to your needs.

Machines are found in some of the following series Gold &silver fibre laser marking machines, High-efficiency moper laser marking machine colour marking, 50W Raycus laser marking machine. JNCT, therefore, has a variety of products to choose from visit them and you will have your best products.

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