Why every penny spent on CNC Machining is worth it

by Kent Williams

CNC machining is used in most stages of the manufacturing process. It’s quite easy to see why. It just makes the entire process much easier. For that reason, smaller and larger businesses are trooping to use CNC services. There is only one problem. CNC machining can be quite expensive.

However, the truth is that it deserves to be expensive. There is just so much that happens with CNC machines that make it that way. This article will consider a few examples of where the cost of CNC machining comes into play.

Why is CNC Machining so expensive?

1. The Installation Process

When it comes to CNC machining, a lot of things go into the installation process. The tooling procedures just have to be done right. This includes a lot of drilling and setups that just take a whole lot of resources.

Most CNC services will also need to use industrial motors. These motors are quite heavy and expensive to get. This can take the prices off the roof.

2. Paying the Operators

Because it’s CNC machining, the number of operators that you need will not be too much. However, it can quickly skyrocket when other things come with your order. This could be the use of complex designs and other important additions.

This might mean using more operators and having more materials used in the CNC machining process. This is just going to add more cost to the final product. That, in turn, means you have to pay much more.

3. The Machines itself

Another quite obvious cost is the machines themselves. The CNC machines’ price ranges from $10,000 upwards. There are also several types of CNC machines such as milling machines and lathe machines.

The particular type of machine you choose can influence how expensive the price of the CNC services will be.

4. Delivery and Other Costs

Finally, CNC services have to consider other costs that might also play a part. For example, the delivery of the machined parts can play a role in the final price of your service. For the CNC service, they have to factor this in to make sure that they get real value for the services that they offer.

The final price is always a combination of all these factors.

So What Does It Mean For Small Companies?

If you have a small company, this has several implications for your company. First, you have to make sure that you know the exact product that your company needs and the services to order for. Then, you should make sure that you have a budget and a CNC service that can meet these needs.

This often requires some planning. Try to be thorough with this and not rush the process. That is the only way to get exactly what you want.


So there you have it! The truth is that CNC machining services have enough reason to set their prices at that rate. So, business owners just have to find a way to meet such prices. It’s perfectly worth the hassle.

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