MT Ferrule Cables

Applications and uses of the MT Ferrule

by Kent Williams

To start this, we will define what a ferrule is. A ferrule in fiber optic cable is a cap used to protect the end of the fiber cable. It helps to keep the fiber cable aligned in the connectors.

MT Ferrule which stands for Mechanical transfer Ferrule is a one that has a multi-fiber. In this ferrule, the alignment of the fiber solely depends on the fiber pitch and the eccentricity of the fiber.

The Ferrule is a circular metal ring and it mostly used in the telecommunications and data network industry. In several other places, they may be often referred to as Grommets.

The MT Ferrule is used in a lot of transceivers, optical cables, and several optical connectors. The MT Ferrule is mostly used in MPO Connectors and QSFP+ transceivers. Multinational Telecommunication companies all over the world know the importance of having this MT Ferrule in their companies.

It helps them prevent electrical surges and electromagnetic pulses which could damage their system or lead to a fatality

In the MT Ferrule, fiber is secured using a good thermal cure epoxy that can be polished. A good MT ferrule is highly stable, secure, and they come in several cores which are 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32.

Uses and Applications of the MT Ferrule

MT Ferrules has a wide range of applications. It is used in networks with high-density fiber as one of the primary components. It can also be found in modern transceivers.

The main use of the MT ferrule and the most important one is that it used for the protection of the fiber optic heads.

MT Ferrules have been in HDMI 2.1 cables which can be connected to HD televisions.

The MT Ferrules is an important economic component that is used in a lot of industries. There are several manufacturers of these components but over the years only one company has stood out. This company is FSG.


FSG is one of the best MPO manufacturing companies in the world. We have produced the best Ferrules that are used by several industries and data centers across the world.

Our FSG MT Ferrules are made to be highly stable with a mechanism of alignment that makes the stainless steel pins fit into the alignment holes.

Over the years, we have produced our MT Ferrules with the highest of standards. We take out time to ensure that our measurements are accurate and we give you the best results.

The FSG MT Ferrules has a standard measurement of 6.4×2.5 mm. It has a pitch of 0.25mm. We make our products to a standard that is why a lot of companies trust us.

Our company was founded in 2013 and over the years, we have produced the best Ferrules that work well on fiber cables. If you are looking to get the best Ferule cables, then we are there for you.

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