How To Reduce The Maintenance Cost Of An Inverter Pool Pump

by Kent Williams

An inverter pool pump is just like any other machine; it requires maintenance. Traditionally, pool pumps used to cost huge energy bills. But the latest pool pumps, like those found in, are more energy efficient. But despite their energy efficiency, proper maintenance is required to ensure that they remain more energy efficient. Furthermore, the maintenance costs may end up accumulating in huge amounts. Thus, it is vital to know how to reduce maintenance costs. Below are six sustainable ways of reducing the maintenance cost of an inverter pool pump.

Six sustainable ways of reducing the maintenance cost of an inverter pool pump

1. Regular maintenance

Regular inverter pool pump maintenance will ensure that, in the long run, the machine does not end up costing you too much. Furthermore, regular maintenance ensures you can easily diagnose an issue before it worsens. Ignoring the regular maintenance can end up costing too much. Therefore, to reduce the maintenance cost, ensure to do regular checkups on your machine.

2. Run the pool pump at night

At night, a swimming pool is mostly not in use. Therefore, you do not need to run the pump at full speed. Constantly running the pump at full speed increases the chances of the pump’s wear and tear. High chances of wear and tear signify high pump maintenance costs.

Running the pool at night ensures you can use low speeds that reduce the chances of pump tear and wear. Therefore, the benefit of running the pool at night is that it saves you energy, cleans the water, and also saves on maintenance costs in the long run.

3. Set timer efficiently

Setting a timer on the pool pump is crucial in ensuring that there is no wastage of energy. Wastage of energy also means more running cost of the pool pump. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you double-check whether you have set the timer correctly.

4. Correct use of the inverter pool pump

Correctly using the inverter pool pump may save you on the running costs. Therefore, you can consult with your pool pump manufacturer on the best way to use the pump. Furthermore, you can inquire about the lowest speed necessary that will ensure energy saving.

5. Run the inverter pool pump only when it is needed

Constantly leaving the pool pump on even when it is not necessary may cause the pump to depreciate. Its depreciation means reduced efficiency and high maintenance costs. Therefore, to reduce the maintenance cost, ensure to consult with your pump supplier on the adequate number of times you need to run the pump during the non-swimming and swimming sessions.

6. Constantly ensure that the pump’s filter is not clogged

Clogged filters are not good for a pump’s operations. If the pump is clogged with huge pebbles and the pebbles get to the drivetrain of the pump, significant damage can occur. The significant damage may end up costing you too much on the maintenance costs. Thus, it is crucial to always check on the filter for pebbles, debris, and leaves.


The maintenance and running costs of an inverter pool pump may accumulate to large sums. If you are not careful, the high costs can even accumulate to the cost of a new pump. Therefore, it is crucial to find ways in which you are going to reduce long-term running and maintenance costs.

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